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The Chiropractic Philosophy Symposium is an event with the aim to increase the breadth and depth of chiropractic philosophy in the region. Looking at new ideas, concepts and values to help expand chiropractic philosophy into the future.

 In 2019 the Philosophy Symposium will aim to bring together an array of speakers focussed on presenting engaging topics centred around Chiropractic philosophy.

Many of these speakers have completed the Academy of Chiropractic Philosophy program through NZCC and Sherman College.  Many will utilise ideas generated in developing there thesis for this program.

With the current political climate in Australia we would love to unite like minded individuals focussed on ensuing that the principles of Chiropractic are well represented.  Creating an event to drive the focus of Chiropractic through philosophy will hopefully leave an indelible imprint on Chiropractic in Australia for years to come.

So please join the Philosophy Symposium for this event.

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-Stay tuned for details about venue