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Phil McMaster –         The Simplest Safety Pin CyclePhil_McMaster - high res

Dr. Phil McMaster was born and raised in New Zealand and graduated from Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic in 1985. He opened McMaster Chiropractic Centre in his home town of Taupo, New Zealand, where he was the principle chiropractor for 27 years. He sold his practice in 2013 when he accepted the role of President at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic.

While in practice, Dr. McMaster had an active role in the chiropractic profession. He served on the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association Board for eight years and was one of the founders of the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. He has been Chair of the Philosophy Department and has taught at the College since it opened in 1994. He was Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the New Zealand Chiropractic Education Trust Board for ten years and has been a sought after conference speaker worldwide.In 2012, he graduated from the Academy of Chiropractic Philosophy.

Since taking over the Presidency in 2013, the New Zealand College of Chiropractic has gone from strength to strength. The College has achieved the highest accreditation possible under the Council on Chiropractic Education Australasia and the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. The College has for the first time in its history, a wait list of students wanting to study at the College and over 90% of graduates have job offers by the time of graduation, many of them receiving offers in their last year of study.

In 2013, Dr. McMaster became a founding member of the Rubicon Group, a consortium of chiropractic education institutions that support the traditional principles of chiropractic and affirm a neurologically-centred model of subluxation.

His long and committed career has resulted in many accolates. As a student at Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic, he received a number of awards. Dr. McMaster received a certificate of appreciation for dedicaton and distinguised service to the advancement of Sherman College (1984). He was acknowledged by the Chiropractic Student Association for Grateful Appreciation for Service and Dedication (1985) and received the Clinical Excellence Distinction Award (1985).

Dr. McMaster was recognised by the New Zealand College of Chiropractic receiving an Outstanding Commitment Award (2004) and the Outstanding Service Award (2004, 2006 and 2013). He was named New Zealand Chiropractor of the Year in 2006.

In 2016 ShermanCollege awarded Dr. McMaster a Service to the Profession Award.

He is known for his sense of humour, commitment to the chiropractic profession and dedication to the team and students of the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. He is a true chiropractic commando.

Kate Mainwaring PicKate Mainwaring –    5 mins with Kate… a 4th year RMIT’s students perspective on philosophy.  

Kate describes herself as a 27-year-old slightly over caffeinated, Golden Retriever loving, fourth year student from RMIT, who never really intended on being a Chiropractor. She has always been curious about brains – in 2012 she was halfway through a Bachelor of Behavioural Science at UTAS when she discovered Chiropractic after a series of concussions playing basketball. She says “Chiropractic allowed my mind, brain and body to reconnect, heal and grow, while opening up my world to a way of being that I never new existed and I was hooked after my first adjustment”.  Now she is finding the balance between the art, philosophy and science in chiropractic.  She graduates in 2020 and can’t wait to give someone else the feeling that she got the 1st time she was adjusted.

Jeff Hannah –        Jeff Hannah Picture      Inside the forbidden box.

Dr Jeffrey Hannah is a 2007 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic and is the primary owner of Atlas Health Australia in north Brisbane. He is the author of The Doctors Who Give No Medicine and has published several additional resources for chiropractors and clients alike.

Dr Hannah is an upper cervical specific chiropractor, and is one of only 2 practitioners in the southern hemisphere to hold advanced certification in the Blair Upper Cervical technique.

He presented the first ever Blair seminar in Australia in November 2015 and has been building awareness for the unique importance of specific upper cervical care ever since. In 2017 he received the Blair Chiropractor of the Year for 2017, and most recently was invited to serve on the board or directors for the Blair Upper Cervical society.

When he is not working, he and his wife Natalie are usually running somewhere on the trails around Brisbane …

Phil Morphew PicPhilip Morphew –      Aligning to Chiropractics True North

 Dr Philip Morphew has been sharing chiropractic philosophy, and the love of Chiropractic with his patients at Philip Morphew Wellness Centre for over 30 years. 

Dr Morphew’s Chiropractic credentials are extensive – over his decades in the chiropractic profession he has been; a board examiner in NSW; part time lecturer in philosophy and practice management at Macquarie University; a governor of ASRF, for almost twenty years he was a regular speaker at DG, and was a co-convenor, he has spoken at many chiropractic conferences both her and overseas sharing his love for Chiropractic and our Philosophy; he has personally mentored over 50 students who are now practicing chiropractors, and finally he has been a passionate advocate for Chiropractic Wellness Care for the past three decades. 

Dr Morphew has been awarded Chiropractic Practice of the Year, the Chiropractic Excellence Awards and was awarded the Community Service Award for his work as co-founder of the Vinnies CEO Sleepout for the Homeless which has now raised over $40M for homeless services since 2006 

Dr Morphew is the published author of Soulful Reflections, the first of his Soulful Series of books – which was recently released globally. 

He is also a regular host on Voice America Radio with his “Wise Whispers” segment. 

Adrian Foote Profile PicAdrian Foote –         The future of philosophy through the eyes of a student.

Adrian Foote is a 5thyear chiropractic student at RMIT University. He is very thankful for the opportunity to speak at the Philosophy Symposium in 2019.  He grew up in Tasmania and moved to Melbourne to start his studies. He mentioned “he had a great experience attending the philosophy symposium for the first-time last year, listening to some fantastic speakers and meeting great people”. “The philosophy of chiropractic has become an integral part of my life and I am excited to keep learning and expanding my knowledge as I continue my study and start my chiropractic career. As a student I think it very important to learn, develop and grow the philosophy of chiropractic, as it underpins who I want to be as a future chiropractor”.

Dorte 1Dorte Bladt – Gen Alpha ADIO

Dorte Bladt is passionate about chiropractic care for children.  Dorte has been a chiropractor for almost 30 years and has dedicated the past 18 years to caring for little ones.  She has a Certificate in Chiropractic Paediatrics and in Paediatric Neuro-behavioural Disorders and is currently undertaking a Master’s degree in Chiropractic Paediatrics.

She runs a busy family wellness-based practice in Newcastle, Australia and spends much of her time connecting with, talking to and educating the families in her community.

Dorte is founder of the ‘Switched-on Kids’ education program.  ‘SOK’ teaches chiropractors about vital aspects of assessment and care for children, especially those struggling with learning, behaviour and attention difficulties.  Dorte has presented ‘SOK’ seminars all over Australia, New Zealand and Europe for the past twelve years.

‘Switched-on Kids’ is not just for chiropractors.  Dorte has recently published a book named ‘Switched-on Kids – The natural way for children to be their best’ to inspire, motivate and educate parents and teachers to help their children be their best.  The book explains in an easy-to-understand language how a child’s brain functions and develops.  The book provides essential information about what parents can do to help stimulate and encourage optimum function in their children through chiropractic care, brain stimulating exercises, nutritional considerations, communication and learning strategies and so much more.

In 2015 Dorte launched and presented ‘The Kids’ Summit’, an exceptional chiropractic event looking at all things ‘Kids’.  The purpose of the ‘Kids’ Summit’ is to connect like-minded chiropractors, educate important aspects of chiropractic care for children and raise funds for research into the effect of chiropractic for children.  ‘The Kids’ Summit’ raised over $100.000 in the two years, which has already funded important research into chiropractic care for children.

Marcus 1Marcus Chacos –  BJ Palmer’s Sacred Trust.

Dr Marcus Chacos has been in clinical practice for over 22 years. He is the director of Provolution Health and is a campaigner for personal empowerment, a healer, teacher and author whose primary efforts are in service of humanity’s transformation to its ultimate potential. Marcus incorporates immutable laws, principle-centered philosophies and outcome-oriented action-based strategies for achievement of ultimate balance in life.

Marcus completed the Academy of Chiropractic Philosophy program in 2017 with his thesis being: Your Sacred Trust—The Discipleship of Chiropractic Philosophy. Marcus’ involvement with the ACP program inspired him to convene Canberra’s inaugural Philosophy Symposium and to initiate the Sacred Trust Project, bringing the world’s leaders in Chiropractic Philosophy together to Knowledge Bank Chiropractic’s Greatest Treasure.

Adam Smith Profile PicAdam Smith – The Fundamentals of Star Wars Philosophy applied in Chiropractic Practice

Dr. Adam Smith has been involved in the politics of Chiropractic since his very first year of study more than 20 years ago, but before that his childhood Chiropractor gifted him a copy of ‘Man’s greatest gift to Man…. Chiropractic’ by Frank DeGiacomo. This grounding in the traditional Chiropractic philosophy has served him throughout his work in practice and politics around the world. When you then learn that he has also been to see every single Star Wars movie in its opening week at the cinema, including the first one as a baby, you begin to appreciate how this talk has come together. Intergalactic chiropractic philosophy applied personally in practice, and politics? May the Force be with us all….

Alex RodwellAlex Rodwell –  Are you telling the story?

If you knew Alex early on in primary school, you would have known that he was the least likely person you’d expect to hear on the speaking circuit.

Not yet adjusted, and always being the last to be picked for team sports, Alex’s kyphotic posture, asthma, allergies, dyslexia and fear of speaking in public went hand in hand.

Fast forward 28 years, and you wouldn’t recognise that he was the same person. In 2016, Alex was awarded the ‘Wellness Champion of the Year Award’ for speaking to 18 audiences, generating a mere 64 new patients. And that has just been the beginning. What fuels him is his quest to awaken the fire within each human being he connects with.

Alex hales from the food and wine capital of Victoria, the Yarra Valley, and is trusting that taking the weekend away from practice and the dogs and kangas at home to be here with you will result in more people committing to sharing the story Monday morning.

Tim Shakespeare Profile PicTim Shakespeare –  PhilosoFee

Dr Tim Shakespeare is the creator of Life Rebel Chiropractic, an often imitated, rarely replicated, brand of TIC from Newcastle NSW.
He has spoken at many of the chiropractic meccas around the world such as Cal Jam, Chiro Europe, Focus OKC and Australia’s very own IN8 Summit.

Dr Shakespeare will expose the advantages and disadvantages of understanding the chiropractic philosophy, and how to implement this knowledge to increase practice volume.

Dirk JacobszDirk Jacobsz –     Philo -Sophy: Our True North. 3 Keys to Solidify Your True North.  ACP 2012.

Soldier, Chiropractor, Sailor. Served 10 years on CAA Executive as Public Education Chairman and Member’s Chairman in Western Australia, then 10 years as CAA Treasurer In Tasmania. Founded  “Child of the World Foundation”, a Registered Australian Charity that seeks out, supports, mentors   and pays for future Chiropractors to go to University in Australia. He listened to Reggie Gold lecture in 1971 in Rhodesia – for over 30 years he has run a busy Chiropractic office and with your permission, he will add his voice and his story to our Philosophy Symposium 2019.

Ali Young Profile PicAlison Young – The place of vitality in a Paediatric practice…. where do we fit?

Dr Alison Young is a pediatric chiropractor with a strong focus on care for children. A mother of two young children, she works in solo practice in regional Queensland with a thriving family office. She graduated from RMIT in 2002, and is currently in her 17th year in practice. She has completed a Masters in Paediatrics and has taught around Australia to chiropractors and students about working with kids in a vitalistic model. Ali has sat on the Chiropractors Registration Board of WA until it merged with AHPRA, was a Vice President and PR representative for CAAWA and is currently a serving member on the CCP board. Alison is passionate about combining the philosophical constructs that underpin our profession with outcome measures providing reliable tools to effectively be engaged in the health choices of children and their families.

Espen Picture 2Espen Hjalmby –  A Quantum leap to transform our profession.

Dr Espen Hjalmby is a renowned speaker and teacher, entrepreneur, media personality and Australian Ninja Warrior Finalist.

Using the principles he is known for Dr Espen went from malnourished and near-death after a motorcycle accident left him with 2 broken legs and a life-threatening MRSA hospital infection – to fight his way back onto his feet to become a Channel 9 Australian Ninja Warrior finalist – proving to the world that it is not our obstacles that define us, but rather, what we believe about them, and how we respond to them that make us who we are.


“It Is ON The Way, Not IN The Way”

  • Dr Espen

As the co-founder of The Bonfire Health Group – the largest hot yoga and multidisciplinary wellness centres in Australia, Dr Espen cared for over 12,000 patients prior to his retirement from clinical practice in 2015.

When he is not traveling and teaching his signature program Quantum Living, Dr Espen works as a healer, business consultant and personal coach to the elite.

Dr Espen is a qualified Doctor of Chiropractic and Teacher, Personal Trainer, Yoga and Meditation Mentor with degrees in DipPhysEd (Teaching), HIVE, BApp Sci and MClinChiro RMIT.

www.drespen.com    https://www.facebook.com/drespenhjalmby/