The Philosophy Symposium May 2nd, 2020

Venue – TBC – Melbourne

Registration from 8am

Sessions commence – 8.30 am

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What is the Purpose of The Philosophy Symposium?

Our intention is to bring together an extraordinary line up of speakers, showcasing local thought leaders and international experts. Whilst some may have completed the Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers course and defended their theses, few have had the opportunity to share their work and thoughts with their fellow chiropractors. This symposium is driven by the desire to have thought leaders in our profession share with their peers and to offer the opportunity for others to develop ideas to drive chiropractic forward into the future.  Our goal is to offer an environment for the sharing of ideas and concepts, and to challenge current thinking about the Philosophy of Chiropractic. We strive to provide a safe arena where ideas can be discussed and developed.

Other goals include –

  • to position Chiropractic Philosophy at the forefront of the profession.
  • to connect like-minded individuals who recognise that Chiropractic Philosophy plays an important role in the development of chiropractors.
  • to develop a movement which expands the philosophical horizons of students, and provides a path to further focus on chiropractic philosophy.

We look forward to bringing you a combination of some fresh faces and others with runs on the board.

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